The Perfect Espresso May 04 2014

The absolute goal of any coffee aficionado is to produce the perfect espresso—characterized by a dark almost reddish colored body that comes out of the nozzle looking like a fine foam. Furthermore, a perfect cup of espresso would use the highest quality espresso bean (or ground) coffee available. In order to do this, most seek out a specialty coffee from various parts of the world; each location contributes its own unique taste and qualities to the coffee.

Hacienda Isabel, for example is in a very small location where its resulting coffee is endowed with a unique characteristic—it is not bitter. Along with its non-bitter taste, Hacienda Isabel's coffee does not produce any aftertaste. Additionally, the location also gives our coffee boldness and strength, along with chocolaty taste and aroma. Needless to say, it very easy to drink.

The aforementioned description of Hacienda Isabel's coffee is the main reason why people who search for the perfect espresso bean accomplish their goal when they try Hacienda Isabel. If this is the type of coffee you want, use it today to construct you perfect espresso. Tell us what you think!