The Hacienda Isabel Flagship Store April 26 2014

To us every single aspect of the growing, processing, and brewing coffee is half-part art and half-part science. That is why every day we work harder to optimize all of the following things:

  • Brewing methods and recipes
  • Grinds and our own espresso roast
  • Collection and precessing of our coffee
  • Taste (we pride ourselves in producing a coffee that needs little to none sugar for maximized taste)
  • The Hacienda Isabel experience

You can see our progress by visiting our flagship store located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and tasting our coffee! We believe that one taste is worth more than a million words.

Our coffee shop (or "Boutique de Café," as we call it) feature a vast selection of cow's milks, sugars, and espresso machines that help us maximize even further the taste of our coffee.

Soon we will make available some of the recipes for our lattes and we will even be offering the brewers (commercial and domestic) we use online and in the store! So you can make your coffee experience as Hacienda Isabel as possible.


With love,


Hacienda Isabel